Saturday, December 20, 2008

'Round here....

we have been busy with sick kiddos and getting ready for the Holidays. Thursday afternoon Abby said she wanted to rest. I made her a little bed in the living room. I went to wash bottles (story of my life-ha!) and do some other things and noticed that she wasn't up and about after her normal 10min. of resting. I looked over and saw her hand sort of spaz and thought, 'my goodness, she has fallen asleep!' Sure enough she was OUT! She has only napped a handful of times this year and only 2 times since we moved into this house, and both times she woke up with a fever, so I knew we were in for trouble. I had to take a picture, though, because we only have about 5-10 pics TOTAL of this child sleeping. (She was still asleep when Scott got home and he had to watch her for a while because he hasn't seen her asleep since she was an infant-ha!) But, as I predicted, she woke up sick. We were greeted with a fever and vomiting, but after that she was fine and has been feeling good, so we got really lucky! Poor Olivia has a little cold and runny nose. I don't really know what to do, since Abby never even had a runny nose until she was almost 1 yr. old. She doesn't act like she feels bad, though, but will cough occassinally, so I hope she is feeling better in the next day or 2, also! He cough is not in her chest, though, so I am not really worried. It's more of a choking from the drainage that gets in her throat. I am hoping and praying that it doesn't progress to anything more than that!

Abby's newest thing is going to her closet and finding the most random articles of clothing and demanding to wear them, and she wants to wear a dress ALL THE TIME now. She used to never want to wear them, but now she relates them to being a princess and a ballerina, so dresses it is!

Check out that get up! And, yes that is my high heel next to her, because she did have those on! ha!

This morning it was this sweet little summer dress. Isn't she so sweet with her dress....and SNAKE!? haha!

Something was missing, it was the boots! 'Good choice, Abby!' :)

And, isn't this lovely!? haha! Let's hope she outgrows this behavior before her teenage years....if not, she will be spending lots of time locked in this house! haha!

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The Utz Family said...

OMG! Hannah does the same thing! It is usually at nap or bedtime though. We will go check on her and she will have on a different change of clothes each time! Ha! :) They are so cute at this age!

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