Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas with Nanny and Papaw!

Again, since we don't live close to family, we usually miss out on celebrating with someone's family and since we were at my house for all of Thanksgiving, we didn't make it home for Christmas this year (and it STINKS because we didn't get to see anyone....I still almost cry thinking about it), but Mom and Dad came here to celebrate with us this weekend.

The girls waiting for Nanny and Papaw to get here Sat. morning.
Olivia with my Dad. Since Abby demands most of my Moms attention-ha!, Dad gets Olivia. They are quickly becoming best buddies! :)

More gifts....Abby was so funny, every gift she opened was met with one of the following statements:
'I have ALWAYS wanted this!'
'I wanted this ever since I was a little girl!'
'I REALLY wanted this!'
She is SO full of it! haha!...but, she was very appreciative of everything, and I am so glad, because I was really afraid that she would get a little bratty with all the opening of new things, but she even told me that we can take her old toys to the other kids. So, we are going to go through everything and take a load to Goodwill this week.

Olivia enjoying some of her new things, too!

Dad putting up Abby's new tent that Uncle and Marsha got her! haha!

Her Baby Alive...she loves this thing. She named it Olivia! So sweet!
And, I got the BEST gift EVER this year. Truly, in 28yrs. this is the best gift I have ever received. My Mom made me a quilt from all of my old t-shirts. She saved everything from elementary school thru college. It is amazing, and I love it! Thanks, Mom! You know you are the best. Now, I have 25 yrs. to learn how to sew so I can make these for my girls (and trust me, it will take every bit of 25yrs. for me to learn to sew-haha!)

This sort of sums up Christmas in this everywhere, Abby in costume and Scott and I playing RockBand-hahaha!
hahaha! This is from the Santa Mr. Potato Head! What a goof ball!

Nanny and Papaw stayed and played with the girls all day today while I went out and returned things and shopped ALONE...for like 5 hrs!!! It was so nice. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

*****And, Thanks to everyone in my family for all the gifts, too! We love them, the girls love them and we appreciate it all!

******We are truly blessed to have such amazing families and friends! We love you all, and hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, too! We missed all of you that we didn't get to see and we loved spending time with those that we did see.


Jenny said...

I love that she included the I Heart PBR shirt!!

The McAfee Pack said...

that quilt is so neat! i have a sewing machine in my basement and daniel gives me a hard time for not using it!

abby---i've wanted it since i was a little girl...that's hilarious!

toys all over and rock band going....sounds likes our house!

so glad you have a good christmas!

Terry and Leslie said...

I love the quilt! How sweet!

SarahLeemans said...

That quilt is the best gift! Tell your mom that she inspired me to save all of my kids' tee shirts for the same I just need to learn to sew. :) Audrey got "Baby Alive" too...Gabe actually plays with it more, LOL. LOVED all your Xmas pics!!!

Chris and Melissa said...

i'm cracking up seeing all those old t-shirts. in all seriousness, i wore my outback bowl t-shirt today while i was taking a nap, and i still have a couple of those cheer shirts in the bottom of a drawer somewhere. i got rid of like 15 of them when we moved, but i can't bear to part with all of them!!!

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