Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dixon's Christmas, Our Big Girl and Christmas Miracles!

There is one member of this family that does not get much face time on the blog, and that's our dog, Dixon. Well, Dixon had to go to the 'hotel' this morning. Unfortunately, with the Holiday and the weekend, poor Dixon has to be boarded for 5 nights, when we will only be gone 2! :( We love both places that we take him and we know he is well cared for, but it's still a bit sad. Anyways, since he had to be there by noon today, he got his present early this morning.

Yes, Dixon, it really is for you! ha!

He got to take his new toy with him today. And, look at Abby's face. If she is this excited over giving Dixon a new rope toy, I can't even imagine what tomorrow morning will be like! ha!

****In other news, Olivia had to go to the Dr. this morning. She has had a runny nose and cough for a few days and while I was quite certain it was nothing, I wanted to get her checked out before tomorrow and the traveling, etc. Thankfully, she is perfect...her lungs are clear, etc. They weighed her today and guess what she weighs??? 12lbs. 2oz. haha! She was 10lbs. 10oz. at her 2mo. appt. so she has gained 1 1/2 lbs. in 5 weeks. You go, Olivia! She still looks so small, though. Dr. Reger says she is a little muscle and strong as an ox, just like her big sister! ha! They are small but mighty! :)
****And, a funny story: Scott has been talking about Christmas miracles all in, Abby was watching a Christmas show and Scott mocks that that everything happening on the show is a Christmas miracle! ha! Well, a min. ago she was pretending to make lights to hang on the outside of our house, and said, 'if we can get these on our house it will be a Christmas miracle!' Now, what makes this so funny, is for those of you that don't know Scott, he is deathly afraid of heights, so unless someone else does it we will never have Christmas lights on our house, so yes....if we had lights outside it would truly be a Christmas miracle! hahaha!

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