Sunday, December 7, 2008

Party Time!

Today was Abby's party. She has been looking forward to this since we booked it months ago. ha! She was so excited, in fact, she got up at 5:30AM! (ugh!) Anyways, when she got up Mom told her that today was the party and she said, 'NOW, I am 3!' haha!

We had the party at an indoor aquatic center. The last 2 years we have had 3 parties: one at home, one in Dixon, and one here. This year we decided that while we loved that she was able to celebrate with everyone, it was time to scale it back a little and just have one party. We invited family and a couple of close friends. And to be honest, it was so worth it to have one party, have it somewhere else, and not have the worry and mess to clean up! ha! We missed everyone that couldn't make it this weekend. (the biggest downside to not having the 3 parties, not getting to celebrate with everyone)

Time to dive in.....

I think Seth was having a good time-haha!

...and Grace, too!

The birthday girl for sure had a good time! :)

This picture is just too cute....Grace is asking so sweetly for popcorn!


Time to open presents!

'Happy Birthday to you!'
Olivia grew bored with the festivities and used the time to catch up on some reading! haha!
She really was SO into that book. It was hysterical!

Resting after a long day with Goggy!
And, blowing out the candles on her tractor cake. Nanny did a great job on it! Thanks, Nanny!

Thanks again to everyone that made the drive to celebrate this weekend with us, and everyone that came to the party! We had a great time!


ansley said...

i just love her cake! so cute! that indoor pool place looks like so much fun! i'm glad abby had a wonderful party!!!!!!

The Utz Family said...

That looks like so much fun!! I am glad Abby had such a great day!

Tim said...

Man, I really wanted to go on that slide - bummer........

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