Monday, December 8, 2008

Family Photos! :)

When we went home for Thanksgiving, we had Leslie from Letography do some family photos for us. The only pic we had of the 4 of us was from the day we left the hospital, so we needed some shots of the 4 of us, and I wanted some of the girls for Christmas and our Christmas cards. Leslie did a GREAT job! We really do appreciate it, Leslie! :)

I am pretty sure this is my ABSOLUTE favorite!

These crack me up...they are so cute!
Love this one, too!
Awww...sisters! I love it!

We moved to the park for some outdoor pics. This is when things got a little rough, like I mentioned in the blog before. haha! Abby was a mess. I was telling Leslie, Abby is a girl with her own agenda and she either goes at it at 100% or forget about it. Even though Abby would NOT smile for anything, there were still some from the park that we really liked.
I LOVE this one, too!

Again, Thanks so much Leslie. And, here is Leslie's website if anyone in the Southern IN/Louisville area and needs some photos, give her a call...she's great:


The McAfee Pack said...

I LOVE THEM!!! THEY ARE GREAT! i can't wait for you to see the ones she took of my boys. sam smiled alright. the most ridiculous smile i've ever seen. i have no idea where it came from! never a dull moment!!

The Harris Family said...

GORGEOUS! I love the first one, and the one of all of you where the girls are holding hands. So sweet!

Terry and Leslie said...

Aww! Thanks so much Andrea! I am so happy you like them! You have such a beautiful family!

wick said...

Those are great!! I love them all...

Chris and Melissa said...

uh-oh, the look on olivia's face in the ones on abby's back doesn't look so innocent. i think you're in for a load of trouble!! haha! they're all adorable.

Mominator said...

The pics are great, hope there are enough for great aunts to have one (hint)

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