Saturday, December 13, 2008

All I want for Christmas....

A FEW HOURS ALONE (or even better, a few hours with my husband and/or friends), without any consequences. Take last night for example. Our Bunco group had it's annual ornament exchange party. I had SUCH a blast. But, Scott had to work today so I paid BIG time for going to bed late (Olivia was up at midnight and 3:30, and Abby was up for the day just a few hrs. after that), and my house was a disaster when I woke up this morning.

So, we start off the morning with everyone tired. That is always a sure fire sign of a rough day. After 3 hrs. with Miss I Can No Longer Play Alone, Not Even for Five Min. While Mommy Showers and If Mommy Does Try to Do Something Other Than Give Me All of Her Attention, I Will Stand One Centimeter From Her Side and Whine, I had had enough and decided we MUST get out of this house. So what if it's freezing cold and I we live in the windyest friggin' place on Earth, I was getting the girls out of this house, and I was getting a coffee.....a VERY LARGE coffee (mind you, I never even drank coffee until Abby was about 6mo. old-ha!)

After a long fight over Abby wanting to wear THIS out, Not Kidding and she fought hard,
we got in the car and headed off to where else other than the Greatest Places on Earth, Cafe Avanti and Target. I also had to stop by the bank and the post office to get stamps to mail the Christmas cards that I have been working on for 3 days. So, first a quick trip through the ATM, right?.....WRONG! Abby sees bank and automatically thinks that she needs a sucker. I try to explain to her, 'no, not today, we aren't talking to the teller, we are just getting money out, no suckers!' Well, that is NOT what she wanted to hear. At that point, I just cranked up the radio and kept driving as if she wasn't in the back seat screaming! At that time I decide that it's only 10, I still have 2 hrs. until the post office closes, I will swing in there on the way home (keep this in mind for later). We make it to the coffee shop and into Target. I let Abby pick out a Christmas gift for Olivia and I had her tell us some things she liked, so Olivia could get her something. ;) I snuck some play make-up into the cart, because that is what she wanted. This info. will be needed for later, also. For the first time all day, Abby was her normal, fun self and I pondered staying at Target for another 5 hrs. until Scott got off work, but you all know me and I quickly changed my mind when I thought about people touching and/or breathing on Olivia while we were there, and decided we had wasted enough time, let's proceed to the check-out.

We make it out into the arctic air and on our way to the post office. We pull up to the post office, I turn around and Abby is covered in glitter! WHAT! Yeah, note to self: put all bags in the trunk because Abby apparently has go-go gadget arms and found her gift from Olivia and put it to good use. There was still this much glitter by the time we got home. She doesn't look at all guilty, does she? ha!
Anyways, we get to the post office and it's now 11:30...I pack us all out into the weather AGAIN, get to the door...CLOSED! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? They closed at 11! SUPER! I pack us all back into the car and by this time Abby is hungry. I decide to get something on the go, even though I know that always ends with a huge mess in the car, but at this point the last thing I want to do is parade our crazy butts into somewhere for a sit down dinner, nevermind the fact my 3yr. old looks like a stripper with all the glitter she has on. (sigh) So, I will spare you all the details, but most of lunch ended up in Abby's seat and I even found 2 nuggets that she tried to hide in the seat. She is so creative and had them tucked so nicely into a little hole in the seat. Back to my dilemma of no stamps. I remember that the grocery store in the town over sells them. To Breese we go. We get there, Abby has no shoes on, no socks and I can't even find the socks, she's now covered in glitter and milk, and I have to drag both girls out again to get stamps. I think by this point, people just felt sorry for me. haha!

We get home and, so far, it's more of the same. Exhibit A below...I had to take a picture so that I restrained from TOTALLY losing it! Her solution to this 'problem'...'you clean up while I dance!' haha! I don't think so...her little butt picked every kernel up!
Just another day in paradise! haha! Off to get Olivia, who is again crying because she has decided that she doesn't need naps any more. At least she gave us 3 mo. of sleep, which is more than Abby did! haha!
Maybe I should change my Christmas wish to a week long vacation somewhere tropcial? NAH....I would miss this too much! :) Just a few hrs. will be more than enough!


wick said...

OMG!!! I am sorry Annie but that is freaking hilarious!!! Those are the days you just love to hate!!!LOL We all have them, and I am so with you on getting out with no kids for a few hours...if you find them let me know when they are!!hahaha

The Harris Family said...

Bless your heart. I'm sure I have plenty of those days in my future, so I'll be calling you for advice (or to share a big BIG drink over the internet with you).

The McAfee Pack said...

1. i hear ya' on the suckers. sam always thinks he has to have a sucker when we drive past the bank. i think banks and the peditricians office are out to get us. we went to the dr. today for jake and they gave sam 6!!! suckers! are you kidding me? they said he is too cute. yeah, that is going to get him into trouble some day!

2. i used to wonder how someone could HAVE to have coffee to start their day. when i would hear that, i would think "oh how sad that they are addicted to coffee. how can someone NEED it to start their day?" now i get a headache without it. my favorite coffee shop just built a new building and daniel says we paid for half of it! at least it has a drive-thru now! :)

The Cantlons said...

As crazy as it sounds I look forward to these days. I know it is frustrating, but just look at how many people Abby made laugh. . . seriously, I was cracking up reading your post.

I have just recently started saying that I need to start drinking coffee. I drive past Starbucks everyday on my way to pick up my carpoolers, and it is getting harder and harder to drive by! I love you guys and miss you HEAPS!! We NEED to see each other over Christmas.

The Remers Family said...

i love the pic of abby in her skirt and high-heels!

Chris and Melissa said...

abby's outfit was perfectly fine. how crazy of you, mom, to suggest otherwise?!! haha!! sorry you had one of "those days"!!

Kristi Heacox said...

Ok, your life cracks me up. I thought with 4 kids my life was fun. ha ha
You really need two more kids. Don't kill me for that last statement. lol
We really need to get the girls together. Sometime AFTER Christmas. See you soon.

Stacy @ Molto Bella ;o) said...

Sounds like a perfect day! ha ha I wish I could tell you it gets better ha ha but cherish it! They grow up sooo fast!

PS I love your stories... you are so animated... I can hear you tell it as I read it!! :)

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