Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Holiday at Home!

We left early last Wednesday to head home! We had a BLAST! Olivia got to meet everyone. This is going to be the longest blog post in history, so hang in there. I will try to break it down day by day! :)

Wednesday-We arrived late afternoon and hung out at home for a while. Grandma Lee and Aunt Karla came over to see Olivia. She LOVED Grandma. It was so sweet! That night we had plans to meet Angie, Chase and Ashton at Tumbelweed for dinner, so the whole fam came along.-ha! Unfortunately, Ashton wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it, but Angie, Karla and Caeden came up to visit for a while and see the girls. It is always fun to catch up with Angie. I didn't get a pic of us...darn it!

Here are the girls at dinner!

Mom and most of the crew! :)

I love this picture. My nephews, Sammy, Billy and Timmie with Abner!

Playing with uncle. She loves her Uncle Tim, too!

Thursday-Thursday morning we ran/walked the Fast Freddies Festive Foot Race. Mom and Dad live close enough we were able to walk to the race site. We figured the extra walking equaled an extra dessert!-haha!
Back at home after the race, we had more visitors arrive to see everyone and get ready for Thansgiving. Uncle Tim and Olivia. I love this picture, too!
Abby and Austin!

Ready for dinner, Sammy and Abby!

Opps...posted this twice...oh's cute! :)
Friday-Friday we did a little shopping, hung out at home and went to a surprise party for a friend. Mom and Dad kept all 7 Grandkids-hahahaha!
Olivia with Uncle Bill!
Cookie baking time!

Scott and I at the party!
Me and my sister at the party!

Saturday-Oh, Saturday morning! Well...let's see. We had pictures at 9:30am. At 9:00 I still couldn't find the jeans I wanted to wear, Olivia was still asleep (which meant she still needed to be fed, dressed, etc.), Scott was BACK in bed (don't ask-ha!) and Abby was at the coffee shop with Mom. Needles to say, we were nothing short of a disaster for pictures. Leslie-Thank you! My sincere apologies...we were a mess!-ha! I told Leslie as long as we got one pic were everyone is looking at the camera and no one is screaming or has a finger in their nose, I would be happy. We'll see-hahaha! Abby was a WRECK! I drug her away from Nanny and all her cousins, we got to the park and the ducks scared her and that was it. We tried to bribe her with a surprise, but that didn't work. And, yes...I am a bad Mommy...she didn't get the surprise.-ha!
After that we all caravaned out to Aunt Karens farm. We had a BLAST! The kids got to play with her miniature horse, ride 4 wheelers, ride horses, play with the dog, etc.

Getting ready to leave!

The kiddos with City Slicker! :)

Uncle Bill found his soul mate!-hahaha!

Aunt Shelle kept Olivia in the warm house. They had a good time, too! :)

Tank performing for us!

'Hang on, cowgirl!'

It's nice to be home, but we sure do wish we all lived closer! :( We miss everyone terribly. Abby can't stop talking about everyone and all the fun things she did!


Chris and Melissa said...

what a fun time with your family!! i can't believe how big all those kiddos are getting! too bad we weren't around this weekend- it seems like our times at home never coincide with each other! maybe one of these days!!

Jenny said...

I kinda think Olivia looks like your bro in that pic you posted twice. How sweet!

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