Sunday, December 21, 2008

'Does Olivia have teeth, yet?'

Abby seems to think that she is going to wake up in the morning and Olivia will be the same size that she is. Every day she asks if she can teach Olivia how to walk, or how to talk, and her newest obsession is asking if Olivia has teeth, yet!' haha!

Now that Olivia is 3mo. old (I know, I can't believe it, either), I decided that we would just see what she would do with some rice cereal, even though we won't actually start her on solids for another 2-3mo. Abby was SO excited to see if Olivia would eat, so we gave it a shot the other day.....

She wouldn't! ha! No interest at all.

Abby wanted to give it a try!

'Is this what you all call fun!?' ha!

'Okay, fine...I will smile, now put the food away!'

No big deal, we will just try again in a few weeks/months! It was funny, brought back SO many memories of attempting to get Abby to eat. Even when she needed to be eating solids, she wanted NOTHING to do with it (she still doesn't really like to eat). Feeding her would take an hour sometimes, and for years, I did everything but stand on my head to get that child to eat. At least I know all the tricks to get the food down now. ha! Hopefully, Olivia won't make us work that hard, though!

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