Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas with the Utley's!

After we finished up here Christmas morning, we loaded up and headed to Dixon, KY for Christmas with Scott's family.

Olivia playing with Aunt Linda and Caleb!
hahahaha! Papaw and Jeff!

Olivia loved her gifts!

Mass chaos present opening with all the kiddos!

Olivia loves Nanny! :)

ROCKBAND! We fell in love with Rockband, and Scott and I got it for ourselves the day after Christmas. Soooo...if anyone wants to join us for some Rockband, come on over! haha!

Once everyone left the in-law's, we had Christmas with them and my sister in law/brother in law! Here's Aunt Sara and Abby with their loot and passing out everyone's gifts.

If there is anyone in this world that the Snugli is made for, it's my mother in law. haha!

We stayed the night there and then decided to head home a night early to avoid driving the next day in the bad storms that were coming.....

And, it's a good thing we did because Scott got REALLY sick Fri. night after we got home. And, come to find out, 11 people that were at Christmas with the Utley's were up puking that night! UGH! The girls and I have managed to not get it, so I am hoping we are in the clear. Don't know if someone just passed a virus to everyone or if it was something that everyone ate or what, but what a nightmare. Thankfully, Scott (and everyone else, as far as I know) is feeling 100% again, but he didn't even leave the bedroom yesterday, poor guy!

******On another note, ha!, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for the girls gifts and our gifts. We truly appreciate it! Even with the sickness, we are glad that we got to spend Christmas with everyone! year I will be spraying everyone with Lysol upon entering Ruth and Gog's house! hahaha! (yeah, you can only imagine how a germaphobe like me is reacting to this...I think I have cloroxed and lysoled everything in this house at least 20 times and I wouldn't even let Scott breathe near the girls yesterday-haha!)


حنـــــــ وردهـ ـــــــــــــــــان said...

nice baby

The Cantlons said...

I think it must just be going around. Everyone in my family (except Kurt & Juan) has had it, and even some of my extended family has had it. I've been lucky enough to have it 3 times since Thanksgiving. . .YUCK!! I'm glad Scott is feeling better. The girls look like they had a great Christmas, and I am glad to hear that Abby was so appreciative. You never know what to expect from a 3 year old. The comments that she made were too cute. I can just hear her saying them. . . Oh, and the quilt is AWESOME. I have wanted to do this with Phillip's clothes for three years, but dad won't let me. For some reason he thinks Hunter will want to wear them someday. Anyway, way to go, Karol . . awesome gift. Love you guys!

mlberger said...

OMG The Snuggie!!!!!!!! Lauren wants one of those so badly - ha ha ha ha. Can you imagine teeny tiny little Lauren in one of those? It makes me laugh every time I think about it.

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