Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Celebrate, Good Times...

Come On...haha!

Anyways, the celebrating started last night when we baked Abby's cake..complete with the pink icing she requested. (for her party she wants a tractor cake!-all pink and a tractor, LOVE it!:)
She was so excited when she got up this morning! I had decorated her door and put balloons all through the hallway. After lots of play with the balloons we made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. For lunch, I told her we could go get whatever she wanted. And, she picked Subway, as always-ha!

She got to open a few small things this morning. She got a Drs. Kit and some new paints and paint brushes. She LOVED it and we played with just those two things allllllll day long!

When we pulled out a few more gifts after Scott got home, she was so surprised. It was so sweet.

Cake time. She doesn't even like cake, but she loves to bake cake and blow out candles-haha!

With our girls.....

She stuck her finger in the icing and I told her she could do whatever she wanted with it, since it was her cake....MISTAKE! haha! Yes, she did that to herself!

I think the dance mat is a hit! :) And, I think its safe to say that I had the only child watching Rudolph tonight in a swimsuit! ha!

We had a great day. Her party is Sunday. We are doing a swim party at an indoor aquatic center (hence the swimsuit she is wearing....she is SO excited for her party).


wick said...

It sounds looks like you guys had a blast today!!!

nanny said...

You are the sweetest birthday girl that I have ever seen Abhby, I cannot wait to see you and celebrate at the pool, even though every minute is a celebration with you. I love you sugar!! see you all soon kiss Olivia for me, I just knew the icing was going to be fed to Olivia, after you told her to do what ever she wanted to do with it. I was wrong!!

Terry and Leslie said...

Too fun!!! Love the pics!!

Chris and Melissa said...

how fun these little kids are!! abby- you are just precious!! and you did a great job making the day special for her, mom!! by the way, maybe i should send you all of ella's hand-me-downs. she can't wear a darn thing from six months ago, much less a year!!

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