Wednesday, December 10, 2008

About our girls!

I know I post a ton of things and a ton of pics, but I don't always let you all know how the girls are doing.

Abby-We had Abby's 3yr. well visit with the Dr. yesterday. I am happy to report that this was the first time that we made it through a visit without screaming bloody murder. I am SO proud of Abby. She was so brave and did everything Dr. Reger asked of her. Her stats: she is 29 lbs (fully clothed, ha!) and only 35in. tall! SUCH a peanut, but she always has been. Yesterday Dr. Reger said, 'wow, she is SO short!' haha! No kidding! But, she is 100% healthy (which we knew), and he also said (sorry, I have to brag for a min:) that she is highly advanced and intelligent (which we knew, too;) and mostly functions at the level of a 6yr. old. He was very impressed that she could spell and write her name, recognize written words, etc. We are so blessed to have such a healthy, smart 3 yr. old. But, don't tell her that she is getting bigger, because as she tells us everyday, 'I DON'T want to get bigger, I want to stay smaller!' haha!

Olivia-I truly think she is an angel that was sent to us. This little girl is just the sweestest thing EVER! She 'talks' up a storm (takes after her sister in that aspect), she tries SO hard to sit up and roll over, and she is very close to doing both. She never cries. Today Abby accidentally bonked heads with her, and I knew it hurt her. She just looked at me, like 'I think I am supposed to cry!' Then a few sec. later stuck that lip out and started to cry, but was immediately smiling at Abby before any tears showed up. She is the happiest baby. She always has a smile for you and a laugh. This morning she was up eating at 5am. I laid her down to change her diaper (mind you, it is pitch black and I hadn't said a word to her), and she starts laughing out loud. It was so cute. She LOVES to cuddle and wants to be held all the time. It is almost sad to put her down for a nap, because I would rather hold her and I know she would rather be held. She's a tiny one, too. I got the first, 'do you feed her!?' from some idiot stranger at Target the other day. So, I think she will be just like Abby in that aspect, too. Abby had been walking since she was 10mo. old and when she was 2 I would still get comments, 'she walks so good to be so little!' haha! At least she is getting LOTS of use from all of Abby's old clothes! :)

Anyways, here are some recent pics!

Is it illegal to be this beautiful!? ;) That black hair and those blue eyes...she's a stunner, that's for sure!
And, my 'big' girl! The look on her face CRACKS me up, as I see it too often, but she looks like a little doll in this pic! :)

Yesterday after her appt. we went to Sams and I told her she could get a prize for doing so good at the Dr. and she wanted a pretzel and these jammies! ha! She is totally digging the footie jammies again, and I LOVE it!

And, this is just a sweet pic. Abby was watching Ice Age last night and I looked over and she had turned Olivia towards the TV and they were sitting there sweet!

Olivia usually takes a little 20-30 min. cat nap after dinner/before she gets ready for bed, and since Abby is already in bed, I try to just hold her during that nap! :) She was conked out last night! (oh, and don't be jealous of my outfit because I know you all are! haha!)

Scott was entertaing her the other night and I heard them laughing and I went in and found I said, she is SUCH a sweetheart, always smiling/laughing!

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Chris and Melissa said...

the pic of olivia asleep in your arms- so sweet. i can't wait to cuddle another baby in my arms. i try to cuddle with ella before her nap and at bedtime and she usually says, "okay, mommy, that's enough." :)

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