Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve!

This year we stayed home on Christmas Eve so that we could be here on Christmas morning. In the past, we have gone home and/or my IL's and we tried to fit in everything and seeing everyone, but now that Abby is getting older, we think it's best to be home on Christmas morning. Of course, this means we miss seeing lots of family, which is sad, but we try to make the most of it. This year we ordered take-out from our favorite little mexican resturant, we let the girls open their gifts from each other and Scott and I both opened one gift. We had a TON of fun!

Abby REALLY enjoyed Christmas this was so fun to watch her. Olivia got her a Yo Gabba Gabba guitar that she has been eyeing at Target for the last few months. She was SO excited!
Abby picked out this toy for Olivia...she loved it! :)
Scott got to open his electric razor and a steering wheel cover that Abby picked out for him, to go on his truck!
I got some new pj's!
What a sweet gift!

A little concert was in order before bed!
Future Rock Star!!??

It was so sweet....I was putting Abby to bed on Christmas Eve and we were talking about the next day, and what we had planned, etc. She said, 'I already opened my gift, I thought today was Christmas!' And, she would have been totally fine with just that one gift. She can be such a sweetheart.

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