Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Day of Firsts...

Well, yesterday was a day filled with firsts.

1. The biggest was my first day all alone with both girls. AND....we made it! I have been so afraid of Scott going back to work. Mastitis reared it's ugly head again on Tues. and this recovery has just been really ROUGH (I thought I would be spared a little since recovery with Abby was so brutal, but no such luck-haha!) Anyways, we had a really good day. Yes, we were still in our pj's at noon, eating pb&j off of paper plates, but that's okay!:) Things are so crazy and I get overwhelmed when my house is a big mess, etc. but....WHO CARES! If we are all happy, healthy, fed and bathed then it doesn't matter. And, one day when the girls are grown and gone, we will long for these days. Okay, I am getting teary eyed...let's move on to the next first....

2. Abby is having a weekend with Nanny and Papaw. Just like a big girl. She is there now, enjoying the Harvest Homecoming parade. My parents have kept her over night before if we were out of town, etc. but this was the first time she went for just a special weekend with Nanny and Papaw. We are pathetic and we miss her terribly (even though she won't even be gone 48 hrs.-haha) , but she is having a blast and it gives us a chance to get some rest and give the house a good cleaning, etc.

3. Abby let me french braid her hair!-haha! She NEVER wants me to do anything with her hair. Which is fine. Her hair is gorgeous, even when it's in her eyes-ha!, but she looks so darn cute with pig tails, etc. She actually let me play with her hair for a long time. She is just growing up so fast. :(

4. Olivia and I got Chinese carry-out.-ha! It was my first time having Chinese in about a year, my first time eating at the Chinese restaurant here in town, and of course, Olivia's first time going with me to get carry-out. :) Scott had taken Abby to meet my parents, so we had an evening to ourselves. It was nice. She slept most of the time. I guess I bore her! :)

***Sorry....I don't have any new pics right now. I will get some this weekend, I promise. Between feeling bad and being busy, I just haven't reached for the camera as much.

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Chris and Melissa said...

awww... don't be so hard on yourself, girl. you're right- someday you will look back and realize you're living in some of your best moments right now- even with your jammies on!

congrats on letting abby go to stay with the grandparents. :) it's hard, but you and scott desperately need alone time, too.

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