Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back to Reality! :)

Well, today is the dose of reality I have been waiting for. I knew yesterday was too good to be true.-haha! This is the first time I have been able to put Olivia down. She was up from 6:30-1:00 with just a few short 20-30min. cat naps. (I can't imagine why she can't sleep with someone playing the piano or screaming in her face all the time-ha!) And, we had to go to the bank, and she cried and fussed every time the car stopped. ('It's all coming back...it's all coming back to me now....' was just constantly running through my head.-haha! ) While we were at the bank, Abby tried to hand me an entire bag of Goldfish and just dumped them out instead (I mean, that is easier, right?-ha!). So, I was out in the rain at the bank cleaning up Goldfish and trying to pacify Olivia. And, lets not forget Abby's first fit to watch TV in the car. Watching TV in the car is only allowed on trips to our parents, but I didn't feel like fighting it, so I gave in and she just yelled at me to find the right episode of Max and Ruby the whole time until I finally ripped the TV down, breaking it I am quite sure. I did drive thru Starbucks, though. The whole day has involved someone demanding attention and/or crying when they didn't get it fast enough (trust me, I know this is how life for the next 18yrs. will be, I am not that naive-haha!). Anyways, it's nice to have my familiar days back. Things were starting to seem a bit too easy. :) Good thing I thrive and function better during total chaos-haha! And, my other issue (aka: my best buddy, mastitis) is HOPEFULLY on the mend. Some ladies have to wean their kids over time, I have to wean from my ceramic bowls of scalding water.-haha! (sorry, I am sure that is a bit too much info. for some of you...but that's life around here, folks!:) I mean, you really haven't lived until you have had to sit with your chest in bowls of hot water-haha! Assuming I have scared all of you to death that are not moms......:)

Scott is going to stop and get Little Ceasars on the way home. YAY! Neither one of us have seen or eaten at a Little Ceasars since we were kids, so we are so EXCITED that they put one in close to us!...and I believe being this excited over pizza would also make us pathetic.-haha!

Anyways....here is my little helper! And, what a big help she is! ;)

Last night she came in from playing outside with Daddy and ran back towards her room. I went back there looking for her to get her ready for her bath and I hear...'I'm in here, Mom!' I followed the little voice and found her sitting in the dark on the potty!-haha! We have to get these pics to have as blackmail one day, right?


nanny said...

oh honey it will only get better, NOT, I love you all and miss you terribly,hang in there, you know that song "youre gonna miss these days" well that is bull shit!! kidding love you MOM

Chris and Melissa said...

i love the pics of abby and olivia! they have to be two of the most gorgeous little girls in the world.
if it makes you feel any better, ella dumped out a huge ziplock bag full of trix this morning at kroger. as i'm bent over trying to pick them up, she walked over to the apples all stacked up beautifully and, well, you can imagine the domino effect when you take a couple from the bottom. between the apples and the trix, i thought i would lose my mind!!! don't you love it?! :)

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