Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick-or-Treat trail...

YAY! I told Abby that if she wanted to go to the trick-or-treat trail today, she had to dress up. She was so excited, she agreed!

I had to snap a few pics before we left, because I was afraid we would get there and she would change her mind, but she didn't....she loved it! (she looks so much like me in this pic, it is scary!)
We got in the car and she saw herself in the rear view mirror and her voice got all paniced. She said, ', my face is colored!'-hahaha! I re-assured her that I colored her face and it looked SUPER!

Getting ready to hit the trail!
She had to put on her 'lipstick' first!-haha!

Trick or Treat! (this balloon actually flew away minutes after we got it, so we had to do the whole trail and then go back to the beginning and get another one....who gives kids balloons at the first stop??)

The photographer from the local paper stopped me and asked if he could do a mini-photo shoot with Abby. She did everything he asked of her. This was the only shot I got while he was shooting (he was in my way-ha!). It was so cute. I can't wait to see the pics he got.

Olivia dressed up as a sleepy, yet insanely gorgeous, baby! :)

***Abby has some smarties while we were there and then had a few m&m's on the way home. When she finished eating the m&m's she said, 'Mom, I think I ate too much candy!'-haha! She hasn't even mentioned candy again. She is so funny. She could care less about the candy (thank goodness). She got 2 balloons and she is set for a week.


The McAfee Pack said...

so cute! i am glad she wore her costume. we'll see how sam does tomorrow night! :)

Terry and Leslie said...

She is looks so cute in her costume!

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