Monday, October 20, 2008

I need a drink...STAT!

We have had one heck of a day and it's only 3:20-haha! It all began as we were leaving, and I back out of the garage and hit the weed eater. Now, I am 100% NOT taking the blame for this one. Someone shouldn't have sat it there!-haha! I got out to check for any major damage and since there was none that I could see, I got back in the car and continued on our merry way. We met Tonya and the boys for lunch before they headed home. That, I am happy to report, was uneventful and fun! :) However, the certain someone I mentioned before also didn't put the stroller back in my trunk, but I had to get over that quickly and accept the fact that I would now be hauling the car seat around and trying to wrangle Abby for the remainder of the day. No big deal....(I will just count that as my strength building for the day-haha!)

Lunch over...on to the Dr. for Olivia's appt. A little ways down the road Abby yells that she is hot. I crack the window and then I faintly hear something about her shoes and socks. Didn't think anything of it at the time. We get to the Dr. office and I guess I should have made her repeat herself because now we are one sock short. Yep, one sock out the window. At least it wasn't her shoe. So, into the office we go with one sock.

We are sitting, waiting and I start to smell poop. I assume it's Olivia (or possibly the old man sitting behind us). It had to be one of them, right?...because surely it wasn't Abby. I pick Olivia up for that famous Mother smell check and they call our name. No sweat, I will change her as soon as we get back there. We get back there and it's not Olivia. The nurse finishes up and I still smell the poop. I make my way over to Abby and give her the look...'Abby, did you poop!?' Amazingly, she tells the truth and says yes! UGH! 'Okay,' I say...'get up here and let me get you cleaned up before the Dr. gets in here!' Well, I should have known it was coming because she wanted cashews before we left and she managed to eat some before I got them away from her....MEGA blowout...everything is covered in poop! (she can NOT eat cashews ever ever ever....) So, I strip her down and start cleaning her up. The Dr. was EXTRA prompt today and here he comes. Abby is standing there naked with one sock on-haha! I got her cleaned up enough to pay attention to the Dr. while he examined Olivia.

We finally get to the car where Abby's extra clothes are and, of course, they are summer clothes. It's sort of warm when the sun is shining directly on you, she will be fine-ha! But, darn it-shoot (as Abby says)....I remember we still have other places to go. I quickly decide that most errands can wait. We will just drive through the bank and go to the pharmacy. They know us there, and won't be at all surprised to see Abby in summer clothes and only one sock or think I am a bad Mom because of it.

We make it in and out of the pharmacy in one piece and through the bank. Then, I get a call from the nurse at the Dr.s office. 'Did you leave your camera in the exam room?' bleepity, bleep, bleep...YES! So now Scott has to go by the doctors office when he gets off and pick up the camera. I have to have it tonight because we are carving pumpkins! :)

Despite all of that 'fun' we have had a good day....believe it or not!-haha!

And, Olivia weighs: 9lbs. 2oz. It sounds so big, but it is only 4oz. more than Abby weighed at 1mo. and puts her in the 3rd-7th weight for length percentile, but in the 20-25th weight for age percentile . Just a little peanut like Abby was/is! :)


Abby, Mikan, and Ella said...

Bless your heart. I wish we lived closer together because I know I will have days like that once this baby comes, and it would be nice to meet you for a nice stiff drink (or twelve) when days like that happen.

Stacy said...

Cheers mama!!! These are the days!!

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