Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week 2....

Well...we are moving right along in week of 2 of having Olivia here. Before we know it, it will be 2 months, then 2 years...:( It just goes too fast!

With my girls! :)
This picture cracks me up. Notice: Abby is wearing Big Dora's shoes!-haha!
Little Sweetheart with her AWESOME hair!
Playtime with Daddy!
We put Olivia in the stroller for the first time tonight and took a little walk. We just did laps around the drive-way and front of the house, but it kept Abby entertained and put Olivia to sleep! :)

****I also spent the better part of the day getting all of my maternity clothes packed up. Good Riddance...ha! But, it was actually bittersweet. I am glad to be done with them, but sort of sad that I will never wear them again. (but you know how they say if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans....so who knows what might happen, but for now....I have no plans to ever need them again:)


wick said...

I agree, it goes by WAY too fast. You all look great and happy. Hope to see you guys this weekend at Aimee's.

Jenny Drake said...

yeah right! you have to hold out for a boy!

Chris and Melissa said...

your girls are both just precious and you look fabulous. definitely not like someone who had a baby only two weeks ago!! seriously, it's not fair- ella was 13 months old before i was back to my pre-baby weight. who knows with this one!! glad to see you're doing so well. miss you!

wick said...

Olivia is just a bundle of joy! I am so happy for you, Scott and Abby. Congrats!


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