Friday, October 24, 2008


Abby has adjusted to being a big sister so well. She is totally in love with Olivia. She is so crazy about her and just wants to mother her. When Olivia is crying, Abby will run and get her a toy and come running saying, 'hold on, Olivia, your sister mommy is coming!'-haha! It's so sweet. She gets so excited when she wakes up and if we are out without her, she is ready to come home and see her, always wants to hold her, etc. She tries to calm her down. And, in true Abby form, today in the car Olivia was crying and Abby was back there, 'Olivia, you need to hush...Mommy is talking and you need to be quiet!' -haha!

Sisterly Love! :)
Sisters don't shake hands, sisters hug!-ha!

haha! Coming soon to a theater near you: Attack of the Big Sister! I had to edit this picture to make it look like a movie poster. The look of pure fear on Olivia's face is hilarious!


Terry and Leslie said...

Your girls are just so cute!

The McAfee Pack said...

sam is the same way with jake. sometimes i feel sorry for jake. you know they have the be thinking....geez, not this kiddo again! ha!

The McAfee Pack said...

i tagged you....see my blog for instructions!

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