Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Utley Weekend....

Can you believe that Olivia is over 3 weeks old now?? I can't! :( We have had a nice weekend, and Scott is off tomorrow for Columbus Day, too! YAY!

Yesterday we bit the bullett and took both girls out for a day of shopping. Scott and I both really needed a few things, so we went to Old Navy, Target and lunch. I am happy to report that it was an uneventful trip. Olivia only woke up to eat once. We were in Target (my biggest fear...having to get her out of the travel system in Target, or any public place-yuck!). I decided to take her to the back of the Men's Dept. to feed and change her. I figured that would be the least likely place to encouter any stranger that would want to touch, look at or breathe on my new baby. (I never knew I was a germaphobe until Abby was born-ha!) It was a success. She ate and was tucked back in to her travel system in no time. (I love that you can completely cover the kids in those things. No one even knows what you have in there-ha!) Even though she slept most of the time, she was still tired when we got home! :)

Today, Scott's parents came to see us. We went to lunch at a little diner in town. It was so good. We are just lounging around today, while Scott and his Dad take care of some things around the house.

Olivia getting ready to go to lunch! Look at that hair-haha! There is no controlling it, nor do I want is just too perfect!

Abby and Gi-gi reading. Check out the book. Maybe if we read it enough times, we will make it to the Dr. without TOTAL meltdown and Abby acting like a crazed lunatic-ha! I doubt it! (sigh) Thank goodness she is healthy and we haven't been to the Dr. since her 2yr. well visit. Her 3yr. well visit is coming up in about 6 weeks and I am already dreading it-haha! I am hoping she is old enough at this point for some serious bribery...I am NOT above bribing!-haha!

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nanny said...

I am jealous of Gi Gi she got to see our girls today, I hope you all had a great visit. That Olivia is something else, what a sweet little face and I love the "Lee" hair. Does anyone doubt the "Indian" in us now??? Miss you all!!

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