Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't blink... true! Why do our babies have to grow up so fast!? :( I put some of today's pictures in October 2007 folder by accident. When I went to move them, I saw these pics. This was Oct. 17 of last year!

Look at them...just one year ago! They spent the better part of today pushing those same strollers and babies!-haha!

Vanessa-I can't believe when we first met Abby and Suz were just babies. We have accumulated quite a few kiddos in the last 2 years!-haha!


Fideles Five said...

I makes me smile to think by the end of the year we've gone from 2 kids (who could all sqeeze in the same car) to 5! Wow!

wick said...

I've been tagged!!!

Terry and Leslie said...

Hey! I was just seeing if you got my email. If not, you can email me at or

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