Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting the hang of this...

having 2 kids thing.-haha! Okay, so I am by no means SuperMom....YET;), but we are easing into a routine around here. (I even had a shower BEFORE 9am-YAY!) Olivia was up most of the morning, so I figured that if we left after feeding her, she would probably sleep most of the time. Abby and I decided that a picnic at the park sounded like a good idea, so we packed our lunch and hit the road....and I was right, Olivia slept the entire time we were gone. It is so odd to have a baby that naps and eats and sleeps in the car, etc. Not saying that we deserved it, but we are enjoying it-haha! And, of course, we wouldn't trade Abby's baby days for the world...she just made us work a little harder;)

Anyways, she wanted me to take a picture of the food in her mouth. After a talk about how that is sort of yucky, she settled on me taking a pic of her eating-haha!
And, then she was off.....I love this pic and how you can see her shadow.

Olivia had a blast, too-haha!
Just so you can get the full effect of the hair! Is that hair ROCKIN' or what?
Playing around with my editing, again. I am going to try to make my own annoucements and xmas cards, so I need to figure all of this out.
And, she does wake up!-ha!

Things went so well with the trip to the park, we even made a quick trip into Dollar General and went to get a coffee. We made it home just in time for Olivia to wake up and eat. :)
One hr. until Scott gets home.....not that I am counting or anything!-haha;)


wick said...

It does get easier!! You are doing a great job, keep the pictures coming. We love reading about what you guys are doing.

nanny said...

oh my gosh those are so cute, i love the black and white one, i love all 3 of you girls, keep having fun!!

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