Thursday, October 30, 2008


We put Olivia in the Bumbo for the first time tonight! I had no idea what was about to break out from this simple act!

How adorable is she!?
Uh-oh, I recognize that hand that is coming.....Abby has realized what we were doing and.....

aahhhhahahahaha! She was NOT happy about it! Is this pathetic or what? Scott and I were laughing so hard!

Olivia decides to fight back....that didn't help the situation any!-haha!

Good grief...she sat in it for a sec. and then could care less. Ugh....I knew I would have to deal with this for years, but didn't think it would start this soon!-ha!

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Abby, Mikan, and Ella said...

Awww, poor Abby, having to share the bumbo, she looks so sad! I am NOT looking forward to these kinds of moments with Ella.

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