Friday, October 24, 2008

Rough Nights!

We have had a few hum-dingers of nights around here this week!-ha! Tuesday night was so bad, out of pure exhaustion and/or the kindness in his heart, Scott took Wed. off. so we could all catch up on some much needed rest. Abby's deal is.....well, classic Abby. We are not real sure what her deal is, other than another one of her phases. She does have a cold (we all do-ugh!), but I don't think the cold was causing her to throw things around her room at midnight or play in her book shelf at 2am. Maybe I am wrong, I don't know!-haha! Olivia's major malfunction has been a combo or hunger and gas. Not a fun combo. Even though we were all uber-tired, we had a fun day with Scott being home. Abby didn't even hit the wall until almost 7, and she even ASKED to go to bed. This child has NEVER asked to go to bed. You should have seen Scott and I spring into action. We had her in bed faster than you could blink an eye (we were afraid she would change her mind).

***I am happy to report that we are all feeling much better and we have slept better the last night or 2. I almost feel normal again! I was trying to give up caffeine, but I can't handle the headaches and no sleep, so Cafe Avanti and Starbucks can rest assured. I am not going anywhere-haha!

Little Olivia had no problems catching up on her sleep during the day! :)
Since Olivia was sleeping so good all day, Abby and I had lots of time for some extra baking and crafts!

Some of our art work (Scott requested the candy corn-ha!)

Hanging up her Halloween decor!

Working hard, decorating her cookies!

Giving me the evil eye for taking a pic of her enjoying her work! :)

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Chris and Melissa said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Days like that can be so rough!! It's those times that I usually wish we lived closer to Mom and Dad so we could drop Ella off and take a break!!

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