Friday, August 22, 2008

Utley Olympic Moments!

As I mentioned before, I am OBSESSED with the Olympics. Each night we turn them on about 30min. before Abby goes to bed. She likes diving and gymnastics the best, but she turns lots of things into Olympic sports now, and likes to get and give gold medals.

The other night we were talking about how if the Olympics are held in Chicago in 2012, we should take the girls to some events. Just as we were saying that, Abby vaults from her potty, onto the mattress and then dive rolls off of the mattress. I then said to Scott, 'or we might be there watching from the stands as she competes for USA gymnastics!' hahaha!

Here she is today during some of her competitions. Today was gymnastics and pillow case racing. Yesterday was snow ball fighting and swimming.

She has great height and distance (distance is surprising, considering how short her little legs are-haha)

Onto the next event.....
She even had a fall at the finish, but she still won the gold medal.......however.......
she was mad about the fall, and was being a sore loser and threw her medal down on the ground. Talk about disrespectful! Someone needs to learn a thing or two about good sportsmanship! hahaha!


The McAfee Trio said...

isn't that hilarious! sam does the same thing!

nanny said...

she is truely a gold medal winner in my book, I love nad miss you guys see ya this weekend, tooooocuuuute!!

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