Thursday, August 7, 2008


To say there is never a dull moment in this household would be an understatement. Abby keeps us on our toes, and busier than I could even describe. Her imagination and creativity are some of her most redeeming qualities. I hope her creative spirit is never broken. Most of the day she alternates between a cat, Super Abby, Snow Abby or 'Scabby' her alter-ego (as Scott calls it). Scabby isn't scared of anything and she LOVES to perform! haha!

While it has been soooo hot and I have been a little under the weather, I have been trying to make sure we stay busy with activites that are indoors or things here at home. We have always had the most fun just being home and being silly.

Here are some pics of her imagination at its best! :)

The budding artist!
I looked over the other day and she has stipped down completely naked and was taking a bath in her block bucket. haha!
Getting good and clean with that block....I mean, bar of soap!
We even have finger paints for the tub. Yes, it is a chore to clean up every night, but she LOVES it. One day I will miss cleaning up finger paint (that's what I remind myself of each night-haha).

hahahaha! Real life Mrs. Potato Head! hahahaha!
What a sweet little witch. She was calling herself a robot, so I didn't disagree. It used to be her 'pizza hat,' so who knows what it will be tomorrow.

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