Sunday, August 3, 2008


I just can't believe it is already August. This summer just went sooooo fast. I am glad it is, though. I am longing for Fall to get here! Not only is it my favorite time of the year, but Olivia will already be here, the weather won't be oppressive, etc.

Anyways, it's only August 3, but we have already had a lot of fun this month. I think this pregnancy has officially fried my brain, though, because I forgot my camera for most of the big things these last few days:(

Friday: Scott was off Friday. We decided to hit the pool. Poor Scott, it was August 1st and that was the first time he had been to the pool all summer. We had a great time. We got there as soon as it opened at 10, swam for over 3 hrs., then looked at the tractors that were on display (for a festival that was this weekend). Abby does so great in the pool. She prefers to be in the deep end with all the adults and big kids (no shock to those of you that know Abby-haha!) She jumps right in and wants NO help and NO one touching her. I think by this time next year, she will be fully on her own, no floaties!:)

Later that day, Scott came running to get us to look at this plane that was flying right over our trees and doing tricks. I mean, this plane was IN our yard. Turns out it was a crop duster, but it was so neat to watch it. (Scott is DYING for me to put these pics on the blog-haha)

Saturday: Scott had to work, so Abby and I spent the morning just hanging out and cleaning. My mom (Nanny) got here around 10. We had big plans to take Abby to paint pottery. We left, went to lunch (just the girls:), and then headed to paint. I can't even tell you how many times I said to Abby, 'don't touch anything, don't touch that, be careful!' Well, what do you know.....I pick something up and dropped it....and, they made me pay for it!:( I could never be a successful business owner, because I could never make someone pay after an accident like that. No big deal. Abby and Nanny painted a fish (for Abby) and a bunny (for Olivia), and I painted an adorable party hat....and half of another party hat (we are chosing to call it a 'unique' bowl-haha!) Hey, if I was going to have to pay for it, I was painting what was left of it. I will post pics of our work when we get it back. Of course, forgot my camera! When Scott got off, we met him at the mall. Mom took Abby home and Scott and I got to shop and have dinner ALONE!....this NEVER happens, so this a HUGE deal around here-haha! It was nice. Of course, we were still home by about 6:30. haha!

Just a sweet pic of Abby!

The Naked Chef! :-)

Sunday: They were calling for temps. to be near 100 today, but instead we woke up to thunderstorms! YES! I got to sleep in. Scott went grocery shopping for me, and Mom and Abby went to the park and got coffee (the storm hit them before they got to play, but they got to have a little mini-picnic first:) I hadn't been feeling to hot for the last day or so, but just assumed it was because of pregnancy, exhaustion, etc. Well, I decided since Mom was here and Scott was busy with yard work and Nascar, I would go see Mamma Mia. (yes, ALONE...this would have been a first for me, so I was sort of excited, sort of depressed-haha!) Anyways, I get on the road and ended up getting so sick before I even made it 10min. down the road. I will spare everyone the details, but I ended up home and in bed for most of the day. I am feeling a bit better, just EXHAUSTED.

Anyways, I got these cute pics when Abby and Nanny got home this morning. Abby fixed her own hair. It looked so cute. It was so super, in fact, I think she could star in any 80's music video or sitcom! Debbie Gibson, eat your heart out! haha!

Our little dare devil! I am just counting the time until we end up in the ER with our first broken bone.
Cute little Nike butt! :)

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wick said...

I hope you are feeling better and take it easy.

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