Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ready to be a Big Sister! :)

Abby had sooooo much fun. She did so good, and LOVED it. If there was any doubt of how she would do in a pre-school setting, this helped clear it up. She answered every question, listened to everything, followed directions and had a BLAST! The class was so cute. They got bags with all sorts of things to 'help' with the baby: diaper, wipes, lotion, hat for the baby, coloring books, crayons, etc. She talked to them about rules with the baby: always washing hands (and how they are in charge of making sure everyone washes their hands before they touch their baby), always ask Mommy before you touch, etc. Then they played games: which toys are safe for baby, how to hold the baby, how to help with bath. They showed a little show and had snack, then we got to go to Labor and Delivery and see the rooms.

There was a baby in the nursery and they got to see the cord, etc. Then they all gathered around the window and sang Twinkle, Twinkle to the baby. It was so sweet!

And, let's not forget a typical Abby moment. They were talking about poopy diapers, and she told everyone that we put the poopy diaper in the yard-haha! We take them straight out to the trash can outside, so I guess she thinks we take them to the yard. We will clarify that in the morning.

Getting all ready with her new jewelry....
Just getting started.....
Now she is comfortable. She moved herself right up next to the nurse and stayed there...helping, of course-haha!
Her turn to hold the baby!
Such a good listener!:)
Her Big Sister certificate. They also got Big Sister stickers, and made a frame that will hang in L&D until Olivia is born. We can put a picture of them in it, and then take it home when we leave.
My Big Girl! :)

We were so proud of her tonight, and I know you all would have been, too. She is going to be such a good big sister. She was so excited, she was BOUNCING off the walls. We thought we would never get her to sleep.


Chris and Melissa said...

i love the fact that she scooted up next to the teacher. she already has her mommy in her- "we're going to be in the front row- 50 yard line". plus she has the sweetest smile on her face in every pic. i don't think you're going to get to hold the new baby at all!!

wick said...

I wish they had those when I had Grace, if they did no one told me about them.:) I think that is awesome. she looks like she had a blast, she is definitely ready for the job.

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