Friday, August 22, 2008

A Good Day....

***I am still pregnant! YAY! (I truly did have a panic attack the other night when I allowed myself to think about delivery, recovery, newborn, etc., so I will happily stay pregnant as long as I can)

***Abby and I discovered a new area of the park today with a creek and bridge and more playground equipment. She was thrilled and played forever.

***COOKIES! If I allowed myself, I could eat baked goods all day long. haha!

***The weekend. I can (hopefully) get some much needed sleep, in-law's are coming to visit, Dr. appt. tomorrow, no work for Scott, REST! YAY!

***A vine from Abby's tomato plant fell over so she got to pick a bunch of cherry tomatoes tonight before our walk.

***Friends that can sew and make darling dresses for Abby!

***I have the greatest best friend in the whole wide world! :-) (she's a little sassy and bossy at times, though-haha!;-)


The Cantlons said...

So close. . . You look great in your photo and Abby looks like a doll, as always. I can't wait until you have that little one. . .I would like to come visit as soon as she is born, if possible. We'll have to see how things go. . .you better let me know as soon as she's here little missy!! Anyway, you look great and I am glad you are enjoying your time with Abby. Miss you HEAPS and love you!!

Fideles Five said...

We're so glad you like your new house and all the things to discover. :) Also great news the baby isn't too early!

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