Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Attempting Photograhpy!

So, I had the goal of learning more about my camera and editing before Olivia was born. (I have BIG plans for some AMAZING pics of the girls;-) Today, Abby and I had an AWESOME day. We went out to the winery, had a picnic at that park and just played at the park for hours. How awesome is this weather....especially for me, since I am about to pop and anything hotter than 80 degress sends me into a heat stroke-haha!

Anyways, here is some of my 'work' from today. It helps that I have the world's most beautiful model! :-)

I know they are a far cry from professional, but I think they put JC Penny's to shame! hahaha!!
I have TONS of pics from the winery and more from today, but I wanted to get these on here while I actually had some time.
****If any of you have any photography experience, please pass on any tips, etc. Or email me with any advice, etc. !! :)


The Cantlons said...

I swear. . . could she be any more beautiful??????

wick said...

These are GREAT!! Were they done on the camera or on your computer with the software?

Terry and Leslie said...

Hi Andrea! Thanks for the comment! I love photography and the business is going well! If you ever come back around here, I would love to do some with you! I am definitely enjoying the newlywed time but I feel so boring blogging about our life without kids! :) I have really been enjoying reading your blog and seeing pictures of you & your family! You have taken some wonderful pictures of your daughter! She is so beautiful!

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