Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's a GOOD day....

I am in need of some deep breathing and wrapping my mind around why today is a good day. I have been on the phone for over an hour dealing with a stupid lab bill, and have yet to get the issue resolved. So irritating. On top of that, I am STILL sick. I have yet to keep anything in my system for the last 3 days, and it is really starting to get old. I am tired of feeling horrible and not wanting to stray far from home, for fear of getting sick while I am out with Abby. So, thankfully, it's a good day BECAUSE.....

***While I have been sick, I am feeling okay for the most part (just exhausted, but what's new), and I am NOT dehydrated or having contractions (both of which would be BAD).

***Laurie Berkner's new CD came out today, and we were able to get one. Abby is in HEAVEN!:) For those of you with no kids, she is like crack for kids-haha! They love her. She sings wild, goofy songs that kids LOVE!

***The Olympics start FRIDAY! YAY! I am a huge Olympic watcher and fan!

***Abby NEVER fails to crack me up. I looked over today and she had a high-lighter. Ugh...but, she drew on her arm and said, 'look, I have stamps on my arm like Uncle does!' haha! So, when she comes to me in 15 years wanting stamps like Uncle, I am sending her to you, UNCLE TIM!:)

***Scott, his Dad, and a friend are putting up our fence this weekend! YAY!

***One of my friends/sorority sisters is getting married this weekend. The wedding is here, so I will be able to go (no more long drives for us until POST-Olivia), and I will get to see lots of old friends.

***Okay, I am not one of those moms that wants to talk and compare kids, even though we meet them every where around here-ugh! (I despise it actually, because who gives a rip if my kid was walking before yours. In my opinion, they will all be walking, talking and potty-trained by Kindergarten, so who cares-haha!). So, I try really hard to not brag about Abby's intelligence to anyone other than family;-), but I was truly impressed with this. She and I colored this pic yesterday. She brought it over to me and told me she wrote Dora's name on it. Sure enough, she showed me, and she wrote D O R A (or the best 2yr. old version I have seen:)! I swear, this child is going to be more intelligent than Scott and I by the time she is in 3rd grade. haha!

(it's there on the bottom left...the A ends on Dora's butt! haha! Not bad for a 2 yr. old!...her R needs a little work, though-haha!)

***Good cookies. :)

***Scott will be home from work in about 2 hrs. (this momma is TIRED...and I have to go to the library and Farmer's Market when he gets home, so I am ready for him to get home...I am trying to talk Abby into going with me now, but having no luck-haha!)


nanny said...

oh my gosh tell her she is MAGNIFICENT!! HELL I CAN HARDLY SPELL THAT MYSELF,HELP ABBY you can brag, thanking God and bragging about your blessings, a very fine line there. I love you all, she is a huge blessing and I will brag until (two l's or one) ???the cows come home, why else would BRAG BOOKS for Nannys have been invented???

Tim said...

Geez, I'm just a friend...can't even use my name. Do you hate me now or what???

The Utley Crew said...

Sorry, our friend, TIM, will be helping with the fence! ha! Don't worry, Tim, soon enough your picture will be on here, too, because you know I will be out there with the camera while you all are working! haha!

Tim said...

I was confused to begin with - I see Uncle Tim, I think, I don't have any "stamps" - but I figured out you weren't talking about me....ha ha ha.

wick said...

THAT IS EXCELLENT!!! You have every right to brag about it. Isn't that what these blogs are about, to let our friends and families know the accompliments of our kids? Of course they are. Give Abby big high fives from me. I hope you are feeling better.

Fideles Four said...

Do you go to Labcorps? They always mess up my bill, I am forever telling them to bill my insurance and not ME!

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