Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LESS than a month....

actually, only 20-something days until my DUE DATE! aaaaahhhh! Everyone is getting ready for the arrival. Abby practices with her toys and babies (and still plays with Imaginary Olivia all day), Scott is trying to get things tied up at work, and I am doing what I do best....finding things to freak out and obsess about. haha! I had been making a list of things that we needed for the last few weeks (last min. things, essentials for baby and me, etc.), and Abby and I went and got everything yesterday. She can offically come now, because I have everything-haha. I have been having lots of contractions, etc. the past few days, but nothing consistent or TOO major, so I am sure we won't be seeing her for a few more weeks. I have an appt. Sat. morning, so we will see if anything is progressing.

This picture just makes me laugh because my arms are so tan and my stomach is so pale. I am not one to go bare belly at the pool with a big prego belly-haha! I figured I would spare everyone that sight.
Abby is SUCH a good mommy, so I know she will be a SUPER big sister!...she tells us this all the time now, too. We got a bath sponge for Olivia yesterday, but her dog, Alpine, needed a bath. She has Sibling Class at the hospital next week. That should be interesting-haha! I think she will love it. They just show them how to help Mommy with the baby, and they take a tour of the hospital, etc.

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The McAfee Trio said...

i'm glad to hear everything is okay. i was beginning to wonder since you hadn't posted in a while. my belly is so white too! i keep this thing covered! ha! it won't be long now!

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