Thursday, August 28, 2008

Abby Time....

After a post of complaining, I have to follow up with a post about Abby, because she will put anyone in a good mood! :)

Tonight is a big night for Abby.....SIBLING CLASS!!! She is so excited. We have made a huge deal of it. Today at the store she got to pick out some bracelets and necklaces to wear tonight. (she also picked out some tattoos, but those will have to wait-haha!), tonight we are making homemade pizza (just like Elmo and Emeril-haha!), and then class is from 7-9! (CRAZY late hrs. for a sibling class, but it's just one time!) I really hope she enjoys it and has fun.

Also, I wanted to share some funny things that she has said to me lately. I could never record them all, because this child is like a stand-up comic, but these are some of my favorites. (I remember reading once when Abby was just a baby, that kids don't truly develop a sense of humor until they are 7....I think that is complete bull!)

****She loves to look at our wedding pictures. So, we talk a lot about getting married, being a mommy, etc. I tell her all the time that she has to marry someone like her Daddy, and that I hope she has a little girl just like her. Sometimes, it's so that she gets a little taste of her own medicine-haha!;), but mostly because I want her to be as happy as I am one day. Anyways, we are having the talk yesterday and she tells me, 'I am going to get married and be a mommy when I get bigger, like when I am 7!' haha! Then she goes on to tell me that she is already a good mommy, and she lists off about 20 people that she feels she takes care of on a daily basis! 'I take care of Dixon, Olivia, Mommy, Daddy, Alpine, baby Huffington, etc. etc.' haha!

****Also yesterday, we were shopping and I can't stop buying matching clothing for the girls (I always swore I wouldn't do this, but I can't help it!) She looks at me being dead serious and says, 'Does Olivia have to have ALL the same clothes as me!?' haha! So, after that comment and Scott finding my stash of new clothes for the girls, I have been cut off from anymore matching clothes.

***The other night, I had just gotten her out of the bath and she could hear Scott out here watching something on TV, she yells out here to him, 'Dad...are you out there watching Seinfeld!?' haha!

Anyways, here is one of my recent favorite pics (since I know most people only log on to see pics of her and I don't blame them)......
And, one of my all-time favorites. Scott put her burpie on like a little do'-rag! She has always thought Daddy was so funny! (and I have to give it to her, he is quite hilarious!:)

Well, wish us luck tonight. Hopefully, we will have some pictures and stories to share! :)

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Fideles Five said...

You took a great picture (on top), love the lighting and've got a great eye, Annie.

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