Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Fence! YAY!

We have our fence up!! YAY! Scott, his Dad and Tim knocked it out in just 2 days. Dixon was so happy to get back there and RUN and play fetch, etc.

Step #1...the materials arrived and Abby had a stage to perform on for a few days. haha!
Getting the post holes dug! We are just glad no one lost a leg! That thing is SCARY!

Making progress!
Abby and Gi-gi watching the fence building and playing! :)
It's done. Scott will have to stain it later, but it is DONE! YAY!

Thanks, Scott, Goggy and Tim....and Gi-gi (for letting Abby boss you around all weekend!-haha!)


wick said...

GREAT job, Scott, Tim and Goggy. It looks fantastic!!! :)

Fideles Four said...

Scott should do this as a business now that he has 2 fences much does he charge? :)

Tim said...

Ya, we are all fence experts now!!! We should just dig everything by hand next time just so we don't get cocky.

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