Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A good laugh at my expense....

SISTER IN LAW, Sara-You will LOVE these stories!! haha!

Well, the last few days have been worthy of blogging about, that is for sure. For starters, Abby no longer sleeps past 6am. She has napped maybe 3 times in the last 6mo., and getting her to sleep before 8-8:30 each night is a JOKE! So, to say that we are all a little tired is an understatement.

We will start with yesterday.....She's up bright and early, so I decide THAT'S IT!...if she is going to sleep like that, then she has no choice and will need to start napping again. I tell her from the start of the day, that she will have to rest after lunch, etc. We had a good morning. Park, farmers market, etc. Nap time rolls around. She goes into her room just fine. I pat her, the whole routine. I also made sure I took all the step stools or anything she can climb on from her room, because she uses them to turn on her light, jumps from them, whatever else her little minds decides to do. I leave the room and don't hear anything for a while, and I am feeling pretty victorious. Then, I think I hear music. No, that can't be, it's dark, she has no access to light, her closet is shut, etc. She must be singing. Defeated in the nap area, but maybe she will have some quiet time. Few min. later she is knocking in her door. I ignore her. Few more min. pass and she is knocking again, and yelling for me. I go in the hall and her light is on. 'How in the he!! did she manage that?' I open the door....she managed to rummage through her room finding anything that would stack and got herself hig enough to turn on the light, got into her closet and this is what was on the other side of the door when I opened it.....

hahahahahahahahaha! And, to top it off, she had pants full of poop! SUPER! Needless to say, I offically give up on even attempting a nap. It's just NOT worth it.

And, just take the time to read this next bit about our day today (it's worth it, trust me).....It all started at a little after 6 AGAIN. Before 7 she had managed to drop one of my favorite picture frames. Thankfully, it didn't shatter and/or hurt her, and I was able to get it back together. Then I decide we will call and see if I can get the recall repair done on the car. We really need to have it done before Olivia gets here, today is as good a day as any. you go......(and for a visual....Abby is wearing a medal that Scott got for winning a Spelling Bee in the third grade and carrying his school picture from that same year...hahaha! She is so proud of her Daddy and his 20yr. old accomplishment!)

*****LET ME RE-CAP the last 6 hours for's really quite a story! So, I call and get an appt. for the recall repair on the car. They can do it at 2. No big deal, we will go to storytime, run errands, get lunch, kill time until 2. We leave at 9:30 for storytime, but before we even make it out of the house, Abby manages to pee on the floor....TWICE. Once after our shower and once on the carpet while I am drying my hair. We make it to storytime (late, as usual). The actual storytime was fun, but as we are leaving Abby and I head to the bathroom and I see our friend standing at the snack bar. She yells to me, 'grab Katelyn, she just ran over there.' Ummm...No Katelyn. I tell her that I don't see her, but I will go check in the bathroom. Katelyn is almost 2, by the way. Snack bar is right beside the bathroom, she had JUST ran off while my friend was helping her 4 yr. old. I check the bathroom and no Katelyn. I tell her that she isn't in there, by this time my friend was over there checking the mens bathroom, too. Nope! PANIC MODE. Everyone disperses yelling for Katelyn. I made a mad dash for the front of the store to keep an eye on the door and look for her. We had about 3 parents looking everywhere at this point, and she is no where. My friend was about to call the cops when she looked in the mens bathroom one more time and she was hiding in a stall! I nearly had a heart attack and it wasn't even my child. We were looking for many minutes, so you can imagine how long that is to a parent seaching for a child.

After all of that excitement, we finally make it to the bathroom where Abby discovers the toilet liner dispenser and makes herself a cape from the toilet liner. She REFUSES to take it off. I don't have the energy for the little fights anymore, so out she goes into Borders wearing a toliet seat liner, yelling that she is Super Kitty, here to save the world! (she is ALWAYS a cat these days) I finally wrangle her to the car, we go get our pottery (yes, the broken pottery that I still had to pay for-haha! ). Run into a few stores (yes, still wearing a toilet seat liner), make it to lunch and finish kiling time in Target, where Abby searches the ENTIRE store for a bug catcher. She didn't have any luck, and settled on a dry erase board-haha!. (I also got a new tote and some SUPER cute matching clothes for the girls for next summer....they are having a big sale right now)

We get to the dealership and the lady says, 'oh, there are 3 recalls on the car. It's going to be about an hour and a half, are you just planning on hanging out here!?' Ummmmm....does it look like I am going to hang out here for almost 2 hrs? (did she NOT see my daughter attempting to climb the stack of tires or digging mulch from the planted plants to 'feed to Theodore'..Theodore is her imaginary chimpmunk!) They told me it would be 30-40 MINUTES when we called! Ugh, so we basically waited around and killed time for over 3 hrs. to just make a new appt. for next Sat. We are finally heading home and I pass our damn road. I assume that is a sign that I need to go get ice cream.-haha! We are FINALLY (for real this time) on our way home. I turn the corner to the garage.....YEP, I left the garage door open the ENTIRE day. SUPER! I made Abby wait in the garage while I searched the entire house with a steak knife and my cell phone in my hand. Checking all the closets, the basement and under the beds.

I have been counting the min. until Scott gets home, and he just called and said he is stopping somewhere on his way home. I guess he wants to sleep on the couch tonight? haha! Really, would one margarita do any harm at this point????? (I am TOTALLY joking about the margarita, by the way)


Sara said...

Will someone please pay me to follow you around and document your life? Really, this is too much. :) haha I find great humor in it and can't wait to tell my students about the new Abby stories! :) hahaha Miss you guys! :)

The McAfee Trio said...

ha ha! to live with a two year old! have a drink girl! no harm at this point! i need one too after my day!

wick said...

This is awesome. You are hilarious girl. It will get better. I am almost counting the days when Grace starts K. Gotta love them tho.

Tim said...

A steak knife - really? I can't imagine what Scott would have done, I'm sure you handled it better than he would have.

I didn't know Aviston was so "dangerous."

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