Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Travel Bed....

We got Abby a Disney Princess air mattress today, in hopes that she will actually sleep good on it when we go places. I am not a fan of Disney Princess things or any character things, but I let her pick between this and a regular air mattress and, of course, she wanted this one-haha!, so we have made a HUGE deal of it, and we hope it does the trick. The first test will be this weekend at Aunt Sara and Uncle Jeff's. She tells us she will sleep on it and she loves playing on it, so here's to hoping!

It's actually really cute and the sleeping bag zips onto the bed and everything. Here she is snuggled in!

No, she is NOT asleep...just playing. Look closely, those big eyes are open....just like they ALWAYS are.
Her and Scott were tricking me and making me think they had fallen asleep. (she loves to trick people:-) She doesn't even pretend to sleep good. hahaha!

Isn't that such a big girl bed??? :-)

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