Sunday, July 27, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls...

We had a GREAT weekend with our friends. Sarah and Audrey got here yesterday morning....we headed off for lunch and to meet our other friends, Sarah and Macey. We spent the afternoon at the Magic House. The girls had a BLAST! It is so hilarious to see the three of them together. They were all born within days of each other. Very cool!

Sand at the Magic House!
A little Driving Miss Abby!
Macey driving her Mommy! :-) What a sweetheart.
Grocery Shopping!
Abby, Macey and Audrey having a Tea Party! :-)
The Whole Gang!
Static Electricity! This was sooooo COOL!

Silly girls. They were a RIOT together. Audrey is very literal and everything out of Abby's mouth is complete bull. haha! She had Audrey very concerned over the alligator under her glider. I bet we said 100 times, 'Abby's just teasing!' haha! Audrey is such a doll baby!

Waiting for their morning coffee at the coffee shop. haha!
Awe....I wish they could have stayed longer. :-(

***We are already planning a winter Girl's Trip to Chicago.


nanny said...

I am so glad that you all enjoyed yourselves sooooo much, the girls each look exactly like their mothers, what a cute bunch of girls, and mommys, I love all of the pictures!!!It looks like everyone had a great time.

SarahLeemans said...

YAY, we made the blog!!!!! HAHA...really, we had the BEST time. Audrey will not stop talking about her friend, Abby. She was so sad pulling out the driveway, I thought she was going to cry. :( I told her that we will see you all again soon though!!! :)

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