Monday, July 28, 2008

So Pitiful....

My friend got this picture of Abby this weekend. I am so mean....I made her share the little car she was driving. I have some nerve, huh? I think I have a future Oscar winner on my hands! haha! Amazingly, she was just fine in about 30sec.

Oh, she is a mess! I wonder how long she will work the lip. It only works on Scott and I when we know she is truly upset. Then, it is quite heart-breaking, but in cases like this, it's pretty funny. However, I am sure the lip would still work on Nanny or Goggy, no matter the reason! haha! In any case, the lip always wins her a big hug...even if it is just because she's so rotten! :)

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The Cantlons said...

Oh that little lip is too cute. . I am sure it would work on me too. . .and holy cow on the size of that Dora doll. Whoa!!! I was a little scared when I saw it. :) Anyway, I hope you are all doing well. Love you!

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