Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jobs around the house...

Yes, it is a new house, BUT there is still LOTS to be done....especially on the outside. We are starting with a blank slate, and some 'issues' to boot! Hopefully, the garbage disposal and whirlpool will be fixed tomorrow (by the builder), but the trench that had to be dug in the yard was left up to Scott. Poor, Scott. We noticed at one of the showings that the sump pump was emptying right out our back door. We had them 'fix' it before we moved it, but they just dug it to the middle of our yard. NOT going to work when we have kids and a dog back there all the time. So, Scott had to dig another 30 ft. himself, so it now empties at the edge of the property.

Aside from that, we planted some tomato plants and flowers, because we wanted to, and we miss our garden. Next year we can have a GREAT garden, but we didn't get to plant much since we were in limbo with the move. I even helped hoe the garden. Yes, with only 10 more weeks to go in this pregnancy, I was out hoeing a garden! hahaha! No pictures of that, thank goodness. hahaha! I'm sure it wasn't pretty!

Here are the workers, hard at work planting tomoato plants. I hope they grow, being that it is quite late. Abby is so excited. She wanted to check on them today.

And, THE TRENCH from HELL! hahaha! Of course, Abby wasn't going to miss out on that action. She wanted her pants and boots just like Daddy!

Hahaha! This picture of him spraying off her boots cracks me up.

Good Job, Scott. No more swamp in the yard!! You're the best!

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SarahLeemans said...

Great work, Abby!! (oh, and Scott too! LOL!) Love the boots!

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