Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Farm Fun at the Fair....

This week is our county fair. (are the memories just flooding back, yet!? step in the barn and they were for me....i guess county fairs will forever be a staple of childhood and growing up) Anyways, today they had a Farm Fun Day for kids. It was a really neat little program. They got to do all sorts of fun activities.

We invited our friends, Amanda and Grace, to come along. The girls had a BLAST! We went to the fair, then got ice cream and finished with getting the sprinkler out to cool off.

Getting ready for her fun at the fair....:-)
With the Fair Queen!
Coloring and stamp activity.
Amanda and Grace coloring their butterfly!
The girls favorite....potato digging! haha! Getting a quick lesson on potaotes, from a guy that looked eerily like Goggy! haha!
Dig in!!
Found one! Once they realized how fun it was, they wanted to dig forever. And, since they are so cute, they let them! :-)
Loving on a goat at the petting zoo area. They also had a sweet baby calf, dogs, cats, lambs, etc. but Abby like the goat the best (other than this poor HUGE pig we found in a barn. he was all alone and so hot. very sad, but Abby said that pig was her favorite part of the fair!)!
Fake cow...real milk! GO, ABBY, GO! ha!
Cooling off after a very hot trip to the fair! :-)

Thanks, for coming along Amanda and Grace. We had a GREAT time. We were approached by the paper to get the girls info., so they might be local celebs by this time next week. haha! They took lots of pics of them while we were there!


nanny said...

Those are great, what lucky little girls they are. I am so glad that you all can enjoy yourselves the way that you do. Make sure I get a paper if they are in it. Love you all

yana boo said...
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