Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Snow in July????

With a Mommy that is a TOTAL beach bum, I am not sure how Abby turned out to love the snow so much, hahaha!

The other day she came running out, dressed as 'snow Abby!' and actually wore this hat and these mittens for about 4 hrs. while we ran errands. hahaha!

And, yesterday while I was on the phone with Amanda, Abby peed in the potty and I told her to go in and wipe and I would be right in to help her wash her hands. Well, I didn't hear her for a min. and this is what occured. This happened in, no joke, MAYBE 2 min. She couldn't believe I asked what she was doing....I guess I should have known she was 'making snow!' Duh! hahaha! her credit, she cleaned it all up!

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wick said...

Too funny!! I guess we were on the phone too long! LOL Let us know if you need any help with anything.

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