Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July!!

Nanny and Papaw came to stay 4th of July weekend with us! YAY! We had a great time. We took them to Dairy King (a delicious little grill and ice cream shop...think Polly's Freeze) for lunch and ice cream, then we grilled kabobs and corn on the cob for dinner...YUMMY! Scott and Dad both got a bunch of fireworks and we let them off here at home. There were other people in the neighborhood with some MEGA fireworks, so we got a GREAT show and didn't even have to leave home.

Abby LOVED the's the Lawson in her (she's a maniac around them and has NO fear!) She liked the 'big fire in the sky the best.' :-) She watched and danced and cheered and had a great time.

Her 'party hat!' haha! Yes, there are explosives on my daughter's head.

We also took Nanny and Papaw to the new coffee shop and park that we found. They loved it!:-) She did lots of playing with Nanny and Papaw while we got some things done around here, and I even got to shop ALONE!....pure BLISS! haha!

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SarahLeemans said...

aw, I'm glad you all had such a great 4th in your new home!! Abby looks like she is settling in perfectly- her new bed is so cute!

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