Sunday, July 6, 2008

Random Pics...

Oh my goodness, who let that frog in the house??? hahaha!

Oh, it's just Abby!! We found this towel when I was going through her old clothes to get things out for Olivia. It had never been opened. Opps! (we found a lot of that and things that still had the tags on say she has a lot of clothes is a HUGE understatement!)


Abby and Scott made a sun with her dominoes, or as she calls them..'memories!' She really wanted to make sure that Nanny and Gi-gi saw this picture! :-)

And, 30 weeks! Holy Moly! We are REALLY almost done now. Things are going great, I feel great, Olivia kicks me ALL day and ALL night.:-) I can't even imagine another little girl with as much energy as Abby, but I think we have another one on our hands. Dr. visits are every 2 weeks now. (Sort of a PITA since I have to take Abby along, and they don't ever do anything, but at least it's re-assurance that all is still looking good!) She should be over 3lbs. now. I am guessing she will be about the same size as Abby and look a lot like her, too!:-) (She was 7lbs. 3oz.) I am SUPER nervous about going into labor when it's just me and Abby here at home. If I immediately get a hold of Scott at work, it will still be an hour or more, before he could get here. Our parents are just going to have be by the phone, ready at any moment. I went into labor with Abby on a Sat. morning....perfect timing, so I doubt we will be that lucky again. haha!


wick said...

Don't hesitate to call if you need me to drive you somewhere or take Abby.

nanny said...

tell Abby I love the sun Memories, and thanks Wick, I will be there too, Abby and i will await the new "puppy" together, we could not keep Gi Gi and Goggy away either, you all will be surrounded by people Love you all nanny

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