Sunday, July 20, 2008


Another fun weekend, and a week closer to Olivia being here with us! :-)

My weekend started early with a Girl's Night Out at Cardinal Stadium. Amanda, Aimee and I went to a Cardinals game Thursday night and had a great time. We need those night more often, ladies. Thanks, so much for the ticket, Amanda. Scott is still reeling with jealousy! hahaha!

Friday morning, we headed to Nanny and Papaw's. This was our first time to come and stay in their new house. It's AWESOME! Abby even has her own room (which she will be sharing with Olivia one of these days, but we left that info. out for this trip, haha!) Saturday, we had a House Warming/New Baby Party on Saturday. Since no party is complete without a cake, Abby and Mom decided to bake a Big Bird cake. After some hard work, this is what Mom surprised Abby with. haha!

We were able to see most of the family, some good friends, I got my hair done, we had a great party, ate both Sam's and Tumbleweed:-), and even found Abby a Little Tykes picnic table and basketball goal at a yard sale, in brand new condition.

Here she is wating for the party to stary with Daddy! :-)
My friend, Katrina, and her little boy, Donovan, came over. He is so stinkin' cute and such a riot. He wanted to kiss and hug the whole time. haha! They had a good time. We put candles in the Big Bird cake and sang to them, since we didn't know what else to sing and they wanted candles. (BTW, Abby's b-day is in Dec. and his is in March, so they pretty much think we are CRAZY! haha!)
And, here is my new 'do (I got quite a bit cut) and growing belly. Almost 33 weeks. aaaahhhh! It was so weird leaving and thinking that the next time we are at home, Olivia will be with us.

***I forgot my camera card at home and had to use an old one of Mom's, so instead of getting to take a TON of pics like I usually do, I only got a few. :-( I know my cousin got some and so did my SIL, so if I get some of theirs, I will post those, too!


The Cantlons said...

I'm so sad that we could not make it down there this weekend. . .I would have loved to see everyone . . and your parents new house. Lucky you. . .getting to eat at BOTH Sams and Tumbleweed. . .what more can a girl ask for. . . oh that sounds good right now. Anyway, you look lovely . . and I am so excited for you to have that little one . . .I am sure she will be just as beautiful as her mommy and big sissy. Love you!!!

Dawna said...

Sam's and Tumbleweed. What a treat! I'm jealous!! Can't wait to see you.

yana boo said...

I hope you and your baby have a nice time

Anonymous said...

So what will it take for you to call me when you're in town? Do I have to have a kid too?

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