Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Another GOOD Day....

I NEED a post like this today. We have had a few trying days....just typical toddler things, but it's all magnified since we are both tired and I have finally hit crazy pregnant woman stage. hahaha! As everyone knows, sleep is a HUGE battle for us, and we have had a few humdingers of nights/mornings around here.

So, this is why today was/is a GOOD day.....

***In just 2 days our friends will be here to visit for the weekend. They both have daughters Abby's age, and we have lots of fun planned!! :-)

***Project Runway is on tonight! (yes, this makes the GOOD list EVERY week-haha!)

***I got a ton of work done on Olivia's room and her things today (3 loads of laundry washed and folded, x-tra large loads....only 2-3 more to go).

***Even though I have been ready to string her by her toes a few times this week, LOL!, Abby never fails to crack me up all day long.

***Abby rode her bike the furthest ever tonight. Soon, we will be able to take our whole walk, while she rides.

***New black-out strategy for Abby's windows. I'm sure looking at our house from the street, it probably looks like a gothic teenager lives in her room, hahaha, but I don't care. I am hoping she will sleep past bay break (which is 5 something here, BTW....Mommy does NOT do 5 or 6 am, sorry!, LOL!)

***We are going to Garden Ridge tomorrow...I LOVE that place!

***My Dr. appt. this week is on Sat. morning, so I don't have to take Abby with me! YAY!


yana boo said...

she having a nice day

shell said...

Must be kin to Caleb doing that buttcrack of dawn thing. Been going on for soon to be 12 years.

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