Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday Parties...

Talk about a FUN week....Abby had 2 Birthday Parties to attend this week! :-) She's quite the social butterfly-hahaha!

Party #1 was Seth. He had a great party at an indoor rec. center. The kids (and parents) swam for a couple of hours and then had food, cake, presents, etc. It was lots of fun, and I am pretty sure we are going to have Abby's party here this year.

This is just the toddler area. There is a lazy river, vortex whirlpool and a BIG slide,, the pool, of course!
Giving me the, 'stop taking my picture and get back in the water' look! ha!
Me and Abby splashing around.
Awe....all done and snuggled up!
Abby and the Birthday Boy, Seth! After I took this pic, Seth yelled, 'who else wants to get a picture with me!?' hahaha-oh, that kid cracks me up! And, I am quite certain Abby has a little crush on him! ;-)

Party #2 was Suzanna's!...and Ella's (she turned one a couple of weeks ago) They had a SUPER party today. The kiddos played games and had yummy cake and ice cream. Abby had a great time.

Enjoying their snacks! YUMMY!

Abby, Ella and Suz with their lolly-pops!
Thanks, so much for the great parties and FUN, Amanda and Vanessa! We had a BLAST!

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