Monday, July 28, 2008

She's baaaack!

That's right....Big Dora is BACK! When we put our old house on the market, lots of toys had to make the trip to Gi-gi and Goggy's. Abby had been missing Big Dora, so when they came to visit yesterday, Dora made her grand return home.

Oh, how I have missed hauling all 20lbs. of you around, Dora! haha! You should see Abby try to muscle this doll around. It's HILARIOUS!

Here they are....together at last! haha!

Luckily, Dora sings and talks....over 70 something sayings, actually! Impressive, huh? haha! So, Big Dora is always up for a good song and dance!
Taking a break, sitting on Dora's lap! haha!

Uncle sure does know the way to Abby's heart! :-)


SarahLeemans said...

Darn it, we just missed Big Dora's big return! Next time, LOL!!!

Fideles Four said...

Oh my! She's back! I thought she'd not have made the move. :)

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