Thursday, March 12, 2009

What a wonderful week!

We have had such a fun week. Everyone is feeling better, everyone is sleeping better, everyone is eating better. Monday was SO gorgeous! It was 78 degress! We were up and outstide by 8am. The girls and I (and Dixon, can't forget him), went for a long walk. Olivia LOVED being outside. We walked to the water, where Abby could throw rocks, played on the swing set, etc. We came in long enough to feed Olivia and let her take a nap, and then we headed to the park for the rest of the day.

Wednesday we got to spend the morning with some friends of ours. They are leaving next week for Fort Walton live, lucky ducks :)! He works with Scott and they are going there for a few years. We certainly hope they end up back here, though!! :( We have enjoyed their friendship so much. We met when Abby was just 9mo. old, and Suz, their oldest daughter, was just a year. They just had their 3rd little one and, of course, we now have Miss Olivia, so we have seen our families grow by leaps and bounds. We will certainly miss you all!!

Here are some pics of the girls....Abby loves having snacks at their house. I think it's because they all get to sit at the little table together! :)

With their 'castles!

The big girls!! Aren't they sweet!?

Today we got to have another play-date and go to lunch with friends. I met the most wonderful group of Moms at the PAT programs (both here and at our old school). The girls played all morning and had a blast!
And, tomorrow I will be taking Abby to her first open gym! I can't wait. They have a 2hr. open gym for pre-school aged kids at the gym where I am now working, and I am dying to get her in there. She will soon be taking classes there, and I hope she loves it. It's actually a huge gymnastics center (they have many elite gymnasts and have sent girls to college on gymnastics scholarships, etc....the real deal), and they recently added the cheerleading division. I think Abby will have a blast.
And, the fun will continue this weekend when Scott turns the BIG 32 on Saturday! :)


Fideles Five said...

Thanks for coming over, we had a blast! Ella sill asks ""?? (that's you guys of course). You wonder what goes through a little one year old's head. :) We'll miss you! You've been great friends!

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