Monday, March 16, 2009

Not to be out done by Abby....

Olivia has some athletic skills of her own! Check out these planks and push-ups! That's one tough baby! haha!

And, a super sweet baby, too! She loves putting on a show for us. The more people watching her, the better and the more she hams it up.

'hee..hee, catch me if you can!'
Sisterly Love!!! I keep wondering when the fun of having Olivia will wear off for Abby, but so far she still just gushes over her and loves her so much. Today she told me that Olivia was her best friend!...I hope she is still saying that in 30yrs. :)


Fideles Five said...

My favorite picture is the last one! Looks like Abby is wearing the sister hugs!

The Cantlons said...

What a precious photo!!

Andrea said...

LOL! I love it! Already an athlete before she can even walk.

The Utz Family said...

Ha! Ha! I love the baby push-ups!

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