Monday, March 30, 2009


**That is how many miles I have ran since starting my training a little over 2 mo. ago. I added it up last night and couldn't believe it. If I never run another mile in my life, I would be happy about that-ha! But, I still have 3 weeks of training left until my Mini on April 19! So, there will be many more miles in my future...I hope, anyways! I had to offically retire my super-duper tennis shoes today and order a new pair. I can't wait to get them and break them in...I am sure they will make me SUPER fast! hahaha! (yeah, right!)

**I also ran my first ever REAL race Saturday morning. I ran track for a few years in middle school/high school and I participated in charity run/walks over the years, but this was the first race that I trained for and set out to RUN...for a time! I was scheduled to run a 10K, but once I saw the weather, I decided 5K would be good enough..ha! It was pouring rain and freezing cold, but I LOVED it. Now I know why running is so addicting. It sure isn't because it's 'fun,' at least not in my opinion..haha! However, I loved everything about the race. I love a good challenge and running is NOT something that I am naturally good at, so this has all been a big challenge for me. I like to try something, master it and move on, but running is not at all like that. I think I could run for the rest of my life and never be a 'runner!' Anyways, I was pleased with how I did. I knew I was hanging around the middle of the pack, and that was my goal. We got our results in yesterday and I finished 55th over all, and 22nd over all for the women. There were about 140 people running the 5K, so I will happily take that! :) The winner was a high schooler that finished in 16 min!!! HOLY COW! That's insanity to me! haha! For those of you familiar with the area, the winner was LEAVING Horner Park as I was entering....hahaha!


The McAfee Pack said...

GREAT JOB!! i have never considered myself a "runner" either! i have a good friend that is a runner that i run with a lot but he looks like a runner, ya' know! i know that you mean about the park thing....people are always leaving iriquois (sp?) park while we are entering. oh well! it's still such a good feeling! i love the races!! such a cool atmosphere! what until you do a big race with all the people! i am excited for you to do your mini. mine will be the weekend after yours. do you have a goal time in mind?

The Harris Family said...

Way to go, Annie! I desperately need to start running again now that the weather is nice. But I know how you feel...I'm not one of those that feels like running is "fun", either!

Dawna said...

Make sure you break in your shoes before the race. My sister-in-law bought new shoes before the mini and had blisters on her feet before the race was half over.

wick said...


The Utz Family said...

THAT'S GREAT!! I wish I was that committed, I hate to run, the asthma part does not help either! ( I hope that is one thing Hannah does not get from me!!) It sounds like you are right on track for the big day!! Good Luck!! :)

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