Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Seriously? I just need some (bleeping) fleece!

Yep, today was one of THOSE days. I knew when I called the dentist this morning, AS SOON AS THEY OPENED AT 8AM, to cancel Scott's appt. that was LATE this afternoon, and they told me that we would be charged $25, I knew it was going to be a hum-dinger of a day. (and as a side note, if they really do charge us, they will be short 3 long time patients....grrrrrr)

Now, let me start the story with a little background information. I have a group of 'Mom Friends' and every once in a while we will do gift exchanges, etc. This time we are doing a Homemade/Craft gift exchange. Well, for those of you that know me well, you are already laughing, as I am about the LEAST crafty person on the face of this earth. A couple of years ago I decided that I was going to learn how to sew. I had Scott get me a sewing machine for Christmas, went and bought all the patterns, materials, etc. It took me 3 HOURS one night to thread the bobbin and I have yet to touch the thing since...hahaha! Sure, I can do arts and crafts with Abby for days, but REAL homemade gifts and crafts....FORGET IT! But, I thought it would be super fun, so I threw my name in for the gift exchange. Well, we have had a MONTH to work on this gift, and I will be honest....I TOTALLY forgot about it until about a week ago.

Fast forward to yesterday...I decided what I wanted to make and set off to Wal-Mart (now that my gift is already going to be a WEEK late, I knew I had to work fast!). I get to Wal-Mart and what do I discover....they don't sell fabric anymore!!! WHAT!!?? Who knew!? (clearly, NOT me!...ha!) So, I go home to do some searching for fabic stores. I find one about 15min. from home. Awesome...this will save me a trip in town. Now to TODAY: since we had been up since 5:30AM, everyone was dressed, fed and ready to go around 9:30 (yes, I KNOW that is 4hrs. later), so we were off to get the fabric and then home to get crackin' on my HOMEMADE gift! :) We get to the fabric store. Now, if I were a quilter or had any sewing talent what so ever, I would imagine this place would be my mecca. I was very impressed. Rows and rows of gorgeous fabric. I am looking....and looking...and looking....not seeing any fleece. I ask a worker. NO fleece!! WHAT!? She suggests that I head to JoAnn's. She tells me all about their NEW store, where it is, etc. Okay, so here I am, realizing that I am going to have to drive into town, so I might as well get over it and go. Clearly, there is no fleece out this way! So, I load up the girls and we drive to the new improved JoAnn's. I get there, get the girls out, get to the front door....'Sorry, we STILL aren't open. Please go across the street to our old location!' No big deal, IF you don't have children to load and unload every time. Alright, back to the car, load the girls and head across the street. Get to the old store and it's ONLY the going out of business items. Translation: all the shitty fabric that NO one wants in the first place, so maybe we will sell it at 50% off, guessed it, NOT A SINGLE YARD OF FLEECE IN THE WHOLE STORE!

Okay, at this time I get the point. I am NOT meant to make what I wanted to make...on to Plan B! But, I didn't have a Plan B. No big deal, I am in a craft store for crying out loud, SURELY there is SOMETHING I can find to make in here, right!? about a blow to your self-esteem. I searched that whole friggin' store and found not ONE single thing that I could make. hahaha! However, while I was there I did decide what I wanted to do, yet we still managed to leave the store with $17 worth of stuff....what!!?? Don't ask, because I have no idea how it happened, either! hahaha!

At this point, we are all hungry, tired, on the verge of grumpy, etc. I decide that we will just grab something to eat on the way home and get home, so I don't have to feed Olivia while we are out, etc. We get to the busiest stop light in town and Abby announces that she has to pee....GREAT!!! I floor it and head to Panera Bread. I figure if we have to all get out of the car AGAIN, let's just go in, pee, eat, I will feed the baby, we can take a while to chill out, etc. We get in there and Abby decides that she will NOT eat there. Hungry, tired, hard headed, 3yr old meltdown begins. (sigh) Okay, fine...I know that I will just end up wasting money on a meal that she won't eat, so I get my food (since we were already ordering when said meltdown began), and we head to Target to get her pizza so we can FINALLY get on the road and get HOME! Wrong, AGAIN! We get in Target and Olivia starts. She's hungry, Abby needs to pee AGAIN!, so I might as well just let Abby sit and eat, feed Olivia and just take our time and then maybe, maybe by dinner time we will make it home! haha! So, we make it through lunch with no issues, other than the fact that I left my lunch in the car, since we were just running in to get her pizza, right!? No big deal, I can eat later. Anyways, everyone is fed and happy. I decide that since we are there, I need some new shorts and clothes to wear to work, I will run over real fast and see what they have. After about 5min. of looking and saying, 'Abby, get out of the clothes'...'Abby, put that shirt back on the rack'....'Yes, that's a pretty dress, but you can't put it on'....'SERIOUSLY, ABBY...GET OVER HERE AND LEAVE THE CLOTHES ALONE NOW!', I realized that I no longer had the energy or the desire to shop, but Olivia now needed her diaper changed (just pee...THANK GOODNESS). I refuse to use the nasty changing things in the restrooms, so we go hide in a corner of the clothing dept. and I just change her in the stroller. At that point, I just started dying laughing. How did we end up here? 4 hrs. ago we left the house with plans of driving 15min. to the fabric store and coming right home. hahaha! OH, MY! Anyways, I just let the girls play for a min., let Olivia stretch for a while before the drive home, and decided to try out the phone on my new Blackberry! haha!

So, here we are...playing at Target!

Abby...doing a little shopping! ha!

Silly self portrait!

Oh, and to my Mommy Friend that I have in the gift exchange, I do have your gift and it will be in the mail by tomorrow...that's a promise. I am sorry that my big plans fell through. I still love you!! ;)


The Johnson Family said...

OOO you need a hug after that day!!!! :0)

The Remers Family said...

oh my gosh...what a day! just so you don't feel bad-i haven't even mailed out my mommy gift and won't get it out till next wk (still working on it).

The Harris Family said...

Bless your heart. You deserve some "you" time after a day like that! I can't believe that you had to drive ll over creation and you STILL don't have fleece!

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